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Children in the Wilderness was inspired by the concept of the Hole in the Walls Camps. The first Hole in the Wall Camp was founded in 1988 by Paul Newman. Since then, The Association of Hole in the Wall Camps (AHITWC) has grown to include camps in the United States, camps in Ireland, France and Israel. The camps are staffed by trained personnel and provide recreational and therapeutic activities for children with serious illness and life threatening conditions.

Launched in 2001, The Association's Africa Initiative has provided a psychosocial intervention to children who are HIV-positive, HIV/AIDS orphans and children living with HIV-positive parents, and trained more than 180 local staff in Botswana, Namibia, Malawi, South Africa, Seychelles, Zambia and Zimbabwe. The programme provides an opportunity to rekindle the spirit of joy and curiosity inherent in childhood.

Arriving naturally hesitant, children leave with shining memories of a community marked with laughter, hope, and unconditional love. These memories are crucial building blocks toward the creation of a sense of possibility and purpose for all children.


Wilderness Safaris is a conservation organisation and ecotourism company dedicated to responsible tourism in southern Africa, striving to ensure the protection of Africa’s spectacular natural heritage while sharing the benefits with its people. In operation since 1983, Wilderness Safaris markets and operates more than 60 camps and safaris in seven southern African countries – Botswana, Namibia, Malawi, South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe and the Seychelles. In this way it offers its guests private access to 2.7 million hectares (6.5 million acres) of southern Africa’s finest wildlife reserves, while remaining fiercely committed to protecting our planet’s precious natural and cultural resources.

Recognizing that conservation is as much about people as about the environment, the company has pursued important goals through its Children in the Wilderness programme, as well as through the Wilderness Safaris Wildlife Trust, which have helped change the face of nature-based tourism in southern Africa. Wilderness Safaris firmly believes that its single most important achievement to date is to have built a sustainable business model that does not compromise environmental principles and which provides jobs, training, skills, careers, adjusted horizons, hope and a realistic alternative to less sustainable development.


The Wilderness Safaris Wildlife Trust supports a wide variety of wildlife management, research and education projects in southern Africa. These projects address the needs of existing wildlife populations, seek solutions to save threatened species and provide education and training for local people and their communities.

To make a difference to Africa, its wildlife and people is the main goal that underscores all the projects which the Trust helps to fund. But conservation of flora and fauna is limited as long as the people who live in the vicinity are unconvinced or left out of the process. Financial and educational empowerment of local communities so that they benefit from the wildlife on their doorsteps is therefore vital, and as such, broad-based and comprehensive initiatives are in fact the bedrock of the Trust, providing skills and knowledge necessary to communities to value and manage their wildlife populations. The Trust supports Wilderness Safaris’ innovative formal and informal education projects, one of which is the Children in the Wilderness programme.


Wilderness Adventures is a company within the Wilderness Group that came about as the result of partnership between Wilderness Safaris and various local communities in Southern Africa’s prime wildlife and wilderness areas. It was born out of a need for an authentic back-to-basis experience that is aimed at everyone from nature enthusiasts to young-at-heart travelers and families.

The camps are larger than those of Wilderness Safaris, consisting of smaller, yet comfortable en-suite canvas and thatch tents with rustic finishes. The emphasis in each camp is on its main area; a convivial, friendly place to relax and enjoy good food and excellent company, the outcome being an active, involved and vibrant safari experience.

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